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High quality processing equipment for Asia

Container mixer

Variable filling levels for perfectly tailored mixing quality with dry and moist materials

The spiral mixing tool of the container mixer ensures that the mixing goods are transported within a three-dimensional matrix by initiating spiral upward movement on the periphery and downward flow in the center. Perfectly streamlined mixing results with this patented mixing tool.

Handles dry powder, wet suspensions and liquids.
Container mixer
Other features:
  • The COM Container Mixer can be deployed in any industry in which a high quality blend of ingredients is required.
  • Produces high quality blends under the most demanding of circumstances, including varying filling levels from 10 to 100 %, varying particle sizes and shapes, sluggish flow or dry ingredient blends that require the addition of liquids.
  • The Mixtainer® container mixer comes with a tilt option to enhance lateral motion of products in the mix chamber and hence further improving the mixing process.
  • The CIP accessories, aseptic connections and sanitary construction all meet the most stringent FDA demands, 3a-sanitary-standards and EHEDG requirements for industries with mandatory standards of hygiene such as the food and pharmaceuticals industries.
  • Demonstration facilities are maintained in both Europe and North America to perform blend and cleaning tests and also to validate process development.
SinConvex spiral blade

Container Mixer, Model COM 2000

SinConvex Mischwendel
COM 2000 Container mixer for food flavorings.
Container mixer
On request, the container mixer can be fitted with a lid handling device.
Container mixer chart