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High quality processing equipment for Asia

Conical mixer dryer reactor

Perfectly tailored mixing quality for quick and gentle drying, moist and viscous materials at variable filling levels

The spiral mixing blade of the conical mixer ensures three-dimensional movement of the mixing goods, and the conical mixing vessel design guarantees powder discharge of up to 100 %. Provides a vacuum-tight and pressure-tight reactor that can be heated using steam, thermal oil or water. Full temperature control for the mixing vessel, the mixing arms and the spiral blade.

The mixer design is variable to provide FDA compliance for use as a sterile conical mixer and reactor and also to meet EHEDG requirements and the 3-a-sanitary standards.
Conical mixer dryer reactor
Other features:
  • Ideal as a conical mixer, dryer and reactor in this jacketed and vacuum rated version.
  • Jacketed and heated spiral tools, arms and shaft.
  • The spiral mixing tool ensures that the mixing goods are transported within a three-dimensional matrix by initiating spiral upward movement on the periphery and downward flow in the center.
  • Dryer provides quick and gentle drying results.
  • The conical mixer handles moist powder, wet suspensions, liquids, pastes and dough.
  • Optional installation of a high-speed cutting rotor when the mixing process requires deagglomeration.
  • The mixing device is single-bearing and top-driven.
  • The extremely compact single shaft mixer-dryer offers total compliance with all industry standards for surface finish, including sanitary and pharmaceutical requirements.
SinConvex spiral blade
The patented SinConvex® spiral blade of the conical mixer is designed in the shape of a sine curve and hence produces perfectly tailored mixing qualities with an ideal discharge capacity.
Sterile Reactor
The sterile reactor is located between two floors.
Conical mixer dryer reactor
Please enquire about other available design options, including slim or low profiled mixing chambers.
Chart Conical mixer dryer