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Precision mixer for instant meals

Precision mixer for instant meals

Mixer for instant meals
Mixer for instant meals

It is hard to imagine life today without the daily use of instant products. They facilitate everyday life as instant mixtures for beverages, soups, sauces or desserts..

Logically, then, an instant product is a semi-finished foodstuff, which is made ready for consumption simply by the addition of a hot or cold fluid, usually water. The meal is thus ready to enjoy immediately or after a short moment and without further ado. The consistency of instant powders is usually granular or crystalline. Occasionally the powder also comes in portions and pressed into tablets. The desired properties of the instant powder are usually: dust-free and simple to divide into portions, easily sinkable in the liquid phase, fast dissolving.

The world of instant foods is growing by new innovations every day: Coffee specialties such as cappuccino, latte macchiato or espresso are offered as powders or granulates as pre-packed cup portions for those who are in a particular hurry. In addition to instant stocks and bouillons there are soups, sauces and spice preparations in almost endless variations of flavor. Mashed potato in flake form, with or without vegetable additives or dumplings from the bag are popular with consumers. Also very popular are noodle dishes that are ready-packed with sauces and spices and only require the addition of hot water in order to be quickly consumed on a lunch break, for example.

For reasons of hygiene and the inexpensive manufacturing process, instant foods are produced almost exclusively industrially. In doing so, some production steps take place continuously and others batch-wise. Liquefied milk derivatives are dried from the liquid phase in spraying towers. Dusty goods are moistened and mixed in the fluidized bed dryer with small quantities of liquid. This also produces agglomerates with a high porosity. The dry powders with their porous structure usually exhibit ideal solubility.

All porous components have a common characteristic: if they are exposed to mechanical pressure or shearing, they disintegrate and their instant properties are lost.

Dry soups occasionally consist of over 40 ingredients, which must be present in the correct portions and ideally mixed. To that extent high demands are placed on the mixer.